WRND 12V/24V MPPTs, 80 A – max PV voltage: 75V



WRND has a wide range of MPPT type solar charge controllers to best fit your needs. We manufacture in-house and support directly in South Africa. No need to pay the importers and expensive oversees shipping cost or waiting for stock. We offer a 2 year warranty as standard on our ProSeries products , but also have a 5 year and 10 year optional extension available.

MPPT solar charge controllers have been proven to offer far better performance compared to standard PWM type solar regulators. On average one can expect up to 30% better yields. This is because of the dynamic and intelligent way in which these controllers find and track the maximum power delivery point of the connected solar panels, hens the abbreviation MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking).

Given 30% better power yield translates to a significant cost saving when buying solar panels, one simple need less total panel watts to yield the same average power output compared to a PWM type solar regulator. In addition, the MPPT also log statistics, intelligently charges and conditions the batteries and can be user configured for optimum system performance.

Our units are all solid state and have no moving parts or fans that could malfunction with time. We also offer an optional conformal coating to prevent moisture from influencing or damaging the unit. This option is ideal for maritime applications, harsh environments, preventing damage due to insects and damp conditions.


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