Stumble block starter building pack

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Stumblebloc was invented to give anyone with limited skills and limited means the opportunity to build their own home in a cost effective way.

The interlocking building blocks are made with the unique and innovative plastic moulds, which are simply filled with a concrete mix and left to dry. When removed from the mould, a very accurate hollow-core block is created. The unique interlocking shape allows building with great ease and, in conjunction with the glue i.e. thin bed mortar and render (NHBRC-approved building method), a very strong, fast and cheap construction method is created. A 16 x 2m. wall can be built from foundations in 40 minutes, a small house(to roof level) in two days.


Holiday houses , warehouses , agricultural developments ,  NHBRC , banks , and  Agreement approved .

Using Stumble bloc’s  unique mould set up, hollow core blocks can be created on site within 48 hours with basic manual labour and without external power. The starter pack is designed to get you up and running with exploring the multi-faceted nature of Stumble bloc building. One packet of cement in will produce 34 moulds. Kit includes 30 full moulds , 4 half moulds , and instructional CD .

Less waste , clean site , suburb insulation , etc. makes this the ideal affordable building system !

Binds with :

BLOCKGRIP CONCENTRATE this is a fine polymer
powder blend used as an additive or admixture
to standard cement mixtures containing a
portion of sand and cement in order to make a
Block Grip type mixture for the purposes of
bonding blocks/ bricks together using the
minimum amount of mortar with improved
strength and bonding to create a thin bed
mortar system.


  • Concrete blocks with low tolerances and smooth bonding faces can be laid very rapidly using    BLOCKGRIP.
  • Interlocking blocks can be bonded together to produce a very strong wall by using BOCKGRIP rather than conventional mortar.
  • Blocks built with the “mortar-less” system often need strengthening at corners and around openings. By using BLOCKGRIP at these points it is possible to create these strengthened areas without the block work going out of level.
  • Extra moulds and concentrate are available
  • Shipping country wide – Only R 150 ! ( standard shipping )

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