Solo integrated solar water geyser

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The most affordable solar water solution available!

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Solar collector and hot water storage are in one integrated unit. (SABS approved)

An average four-person household with an electric water heater needs about 6,400 kilowatt hours of electricity per year to heat their water. Assuming the electricity is generated by a typical power plant with an efficiency of around 30 percent, it means that the average electric water heater is responsible for about eight tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, which is almost double that emitted by a typical car.


Most existing Solar Water Heaters systems are often beyond the financial constraints of households. Our product will help you to save energy and money without polluting the environment.  We offer an affordable, effective water heating solution. The first and only all-in-one, polymer-based solar water heating system. It has Zero corrosion. Zero calcium deposits. The benefits of its all plastic design it is 100% recyclable and has a low weight and long lifetime.

Our 85 L high-pressure geyser is scalable for greater capacity, and is supplied with attaching brackets and a pressure reducing valve, compatible with a 2 Kw element ( last ” Solo ” in line ) to ensure endless hot water!



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