With Sunny Island systems, solar energy is always available when it’s needed even after sunset and when the sun is hiding behind clouds. Using its integrated energy management system, the Sunny Island automatically charges and discharges the connected battery.

The PV inverter does not feed electricity into the utility grid until the battery is fully charged and the electricity needs of all electric devices in the household have been met.


The Sunny Island 6.0H SMA Solar Inverter is the solution for increased self-consumption and reliable backup power.

Longer battery service life and therefore lower system costs are the clear advantages for PV system operators using the new seasonal battery operation. The possibility of automatically reducing optimal self-consumption in winter keeps the battery charged at a high level during this season when irradiation is weaker.

Technical data:

  • Bi-directional for stand-alone use.
  • Output: 230 V AC / 50 Hz and 220 V AC / 60 Hz.
  • For single-phase and three-phase parallel connection.
  • Constant AC power at 25 @ºC: 7000 W
  • Battery voltage: 48 V DC.
  • External battery temperature sensor.
  • Data recording with SD/MMC card.


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