Samlex 1000 W solar inverter



Samlex inverters :

These great inverters come with a two year guarantee !

Products Description:
-Converts DC power into household AC power.
-AC and USB outlets let you power or recharge personal electronics.
-LED indicator shows power and fault conditions.
Universal Protection:
1.Thermal protection:The unit shut down when it overheats.
2.Short circuit protection:The unit shut down when output is short circuit.
3.Battery protection:The unit shut down when battery discharges to 10 V and prevents damage to battery.
4.Overload protection:The unit shut down when the loading power exceeds the rated power.
5.Earth Protection :The unit shuts down when the load has an electric leakage.
Run most AC powered electronic equipment…….
This inverter can be used to operate personal electronics such as:laptop computers,digital/video cameras,MP3 players,cell phones,DVD,Mobile Phones,Fax Phones,PDAs,Fan,and more.It can also be used to recharge 220/240 volt AC devices that have an appropriate recharging adapter with a Universal outlet for different AC plugs.


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