Optimate 2 battery charger, maintainer and tester .


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The new OptiMate range is the world’s most advanced and versatile battery charger, maintainer and tester. An all in one unit, which is stylish and robust in a weatherproof enclosure that includes wall mounts and cables rated down to -40°F/C,specifically for users in the water & snow markets.

Each time you connect the OptiMate to a battery the microprocessor automatically diagnoses the condition and automatically chooses the best charge current & program.OptiMate is able to correctly initialize & charge new sealed batteries where the user is adding the acid pack to the battery.The enhanced multi-stage version of the acclaimed OptiMate desulfation program will automatically save many “dead”batteries, and the eco friendly program ensures low power consumption while keeping your battery maintained, fully charged and safe, month after month, prolonging it`s life by up to 400%.


1. Initialization: OptiMate 6 will only activate if the battery voltage measures at least 1.8V.

2. Programming: the ampmaticTM processor checks the battery’s condition to determine the appropriate charge program.

3. Desulfation and recovery: if necessary, 2 or 3 stages of high voltage and oscillatory pulsing are applied to recover neglected, flat batteries (removed from the vehicle *) from sulfation to a chargeable state.* The voltage is limited to 16V if the microprocessor detects the battery may be connected to vehicle circuitry.

4. Bulk charge: the ampmaticTM processor actively adjusts charge current to match battery characteristics, achieving acomplete charge in the shortest time.

5. Short-circuited / dead cell check: Charge acceptance is continuously monitored to detect internal damage and prevent unnecessary charging of a battery that cannot be recovered.

6. Absorption and equalization: for 10 minutes the current is delivered in pulses with voltage controlled between 13.7and 14.3V, aiding cell voltage equalization and improving the battery’s overall power delivery.

7. Charge verification: the voltage is limited at 13.6V while the ampmaticTM processor monitors the current absorbed by the battery. If this reveals a less than optimal charge, the program reverts to absorption for a further 10 minutes.

8. Voltage retention test: is conducted for 30 minutes during which no charge current is delivered, with 5 possibletest results indicating the battery’s general state of health. A green (voltage > 12.7V) result extends the test up to 12hours, to check for excessive self discharge (even a partly damaged battery may initially retain sufficient power, but lose power faster than normal there-after) or higher than expected power loss through the vehicle’s electrical system.

9. Charge maintenance: The MAINTENANCE CHARGE CYCLE consists of 30 minute float charge periods at a voltage of 13.6V followed by and alternating with a 30 minute ‘rest’ (no charge current) periods.The voltage retention test and maintenance charge cycle will repeat 24 hours after the start of the very first test and continue to repeat for as long as the charger remains connected.The alternating charge and ‘rest’ maintenance program provides the recommended maintenance voltage for AGM /GEL batteries whilst reducing the average voltage as required by STD filler cap batteries, making it ideal for indefinite and 100% safe long term maintenance charging of any type of 12V lead-acid battery.


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