Acumate Pro 7 A 12 V smart charger


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Suitable for all types of batteries: filler cap types; absorbed acid “MF” (AGM) for motorcycles; valve regulated (VRLA); & flooded (wet) & GEL-electrolyte types.

In addition to its quick charging ability, AccuMate PRO is ideal for long term maintenance of the batteries of irregularly or seasonally used vehicles & appliances. Here are just a few examples of possible applications: golf trolleys & buggies, 4X4’s, pleasure boats, campers, emergency vehicles, electrical sweepers, handling equipment, etc …

  • “IUoU” 3-step charging with reversion from MAINTENANCE float stage if high current is drawn during storage charging.
  • No risk of overcharging –  AccuMate PRO’s special temperature regulated monitoring circuits vary & regulate the current & voltage according to ambient temperature.
  • Integrated handle & cord winder allows for portable use.
  • Keyhole slots on the rear for wall mounting.
  • Detachable charge clamps are easily replaceable. Optional charge cable extensions allow up to 15 ft/4,5m for maintaining batteries on vehicles.
  • Integral electronic protections against short circuits at the clamps and  wrong polarity connections. Spark suppression system. No fuses to blow.
  • Competitively priced technology for all modern batteries.


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