Power mate 1000 W UPS with additional features

R8,350.00 R7,750.00


The PowerMate 1000 is a complete standalone plug and plug unit well suited for the home and for the small office.

Ideal to power up your home TV/DSTV and a couple of bedside lamps (low energy bulbs) or 2 PCs depending on their configuration. Well suited for the small office as well and can power up a few desktop computers, small printers, telephone system and most other small office appliances.

The maximum load configuration is 1000W with a surge capacity of up to 2000W and the system can run from around 2 to 8 hours depending on the load. If more time is required more batteries can be connected.


  • 1000 Watts
  • Modified Sine Wave
  • Input DC – 10 to 15.5V
  • Low Voltage cut out – 10V
  • Max Efficiency – >90%
  • 102/5 High or Deep Cycle Battery
  • Inverter Charger charge rate – 10A, 3-stages
  • External Intelligent Charger – long term storage/maintenance
  • 35 Amps – Power Load
  • Protection – Thermal, Earth Fault, Battery, Overload and Short Circuit
  • Weight 27KG
  • Dimensions (L) 276mm x (B) 405mm x (H) 440mm
  • 1 Year Warranty


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