93 % savings with smart LED technology !

Growthpoint has just retrofitted the basement parking lot at its Sandton head office in Johannesburg with LED lighting. It is a measure of how fast energy efficiency solutions are developing that, in under two years, Growthpoint – one of South Africa’s leaders in sustainable property – has become such an enthusiastic adopter of LED technology.

Mr van Antwerpen (Growthpoint head of sustainability & utilities) explains that the basement retrofit at Growthpoint’s The Place property on Sandton Drive entailed changing all 2 x 58W open channel light fittings to 41W LED lights and installing innovative motion detection technology.

Using radio frequency (RF) technology in the communication between lights, the system switches lights on and off as required, delivering lighting where and when needed. The basement lighting used to operate 24/7, but now lights are on for an average of just 5.7 hours out of 24 – and lighting levels are better than they used to be. For security reasons, some lights are permanently on.

The net result of the LED basement retrofit is a staggering 93% electricity saving and the R1 million investment set to pay for itself within 26 months. Growthpoint is planning to convert it’s other properties to the combination of LED lighting and motion sensors that has worked so successfully at The Place. Mr van Antwerpen predicts that payback periods will, in some cases, be even lower – as little as 24 months or less.

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