I Power – Energy security for you and your business !

We are a premium supplier of solar energy products and service.

Our services include :


  • Commercial and agricultural solar projects in the Western Cape (E.P.C.)
  • Power backup solutions & UPS’s
  • Renewable energy assessment and design consultation
  • Hybrid power solutions
  • Solar products and kits
  • Engineered microgrids
  • Sustainable solutions for upliftment
  • Grid-tied and, off grid solar systems both roof and ground mounted
  • Energy savings projects for corporate clients
  • Engineering and certification support for contractors and agents.
  • Small wind energy

* Feel free to contact us for all your solar or sustainable product needs, even if a particular product is not listed on our site .

Due to currency fluctuations, certain products are marked with an RFQ tag and are added to your RFQ (request for quote) basket when selected. 

So go ahead , fill your basket with your products and receive a competitive, valid and up to date quotation !

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